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Our History
The vineyards of the "Buiatti Livio e Claudio" farm are located "in Mont e Poanis" place, on the eocenic hills between Buttrio e Premariacco, few kiloleters from Udine and from Cividale del Friuli.
The family farm is run by Claudio Buiatti, his wife Viviana and their son Matteo who continue, with great love, the work of their ancestors who had grown the vines in Buttrio since the beginning of '900. During the last years, the caretaking and the diligence undertaken to reach the maximum qualitative results were supported by a special care on the kind of intervention in the vineyards. Plant system with a high number of vinestocks per hectare, restrained trimming, essential manuring and use of the grass in the vineyards are some of the techniques used in order to obtain grapes with great concentrations of aromas. These grapes, after a strict vinification, produce wines of excellence that the Buiattis, courteously, offer for a tasting to all the people that like visiting their cellar.
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